How much does it cost?

$5 flat fee for general admission whether you come for the group lesson or if you show up later for the open floor dancing only.

what do i wear?

While we do not have a strict dress-code, we would like patrons to remember that Lakeland Salsa is a family-friendly environment. We also encourage you to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Typically, women can comfortably dance in either flats or shoes with a small heel. Sandals and flip-flops are not recommended.

where do i park?

The Downtown Lakeland, including the Lake Mirror complex, has ample FREE parking. You can park in the main lot by the auditorium or anywhere along Lake Mirror.

Am i allowed to bring food and beverages?

Yes, you may have food and non-alcoholic beverages as long as they are not on the main dance floor. There are tables and chairs located right outside the auditorium. There is also a water fountain inside the facility.

can i bring my kids?

Yes, families are welcome to come and participate together. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a guardian.

do i already need to know how to dance?

No! The group lesson is suitable for beginners.

Do i need to bring a dance partner?

No, many guests arrive alone or in small groups and then rotate dance partners.

do i need to stay the entire time?

No, you are free to come and leave whenever. You may choose to come just for the lesson, just for the open floor, or both.

Any other questions?

Just contact us, and we’d be happy to answer any questions!